The Collaborative Divorce Process

by: Irene King | Website

The Collaborative Divorce Process is worth considering if some or all of these are true for you:

  1. You want a respectful resolution of the issues that have led to the end of your marriage.
  2. You have children and you desire to have the best co-parenting relationship possible.
  3. You value self-determination and do not want to hand over responsibility of critical decisions related to your financial affairs and future parenting of your children over to a stranger (i.e., a judge).
  4. You want to protect your children from the scorch-the-earth tactics associated with litigation.
  5. You believe personal responsibility is important for handling conflicts.
  6. You do not want the details of your divorce in the public record.
  7. You recognize that the range of options generally available in court are limited and you want an individualized approach to finding creative, cost-efficient solutions for your particular situation.
  8. You value taking an active role in restructuring your family rather than rehashing hurts from the past.
  9. You understand that the other person has needs and priorities that need to be met and you desire to find a way to minimize the uncertainty associated with meeting your and the other person’s needs and priorities.
  10. You value the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with the other person in the future over maximizing the amount of money and property you get for yourself during the divorce.

Irene King is the Founder of King Collaborative Family Law in Charlotte, NC, where she practices exclusively collaborative family law and serves as a certified mediator of family conflict. She is committed to guiding clients in resolving their conflicts and rebuilding for the future with integrity and dignity.