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Susan Morrow

Center Charlotte Psychotherapy

Susan Morrow, LCSW, has been working with individuals, couples, and families for 25 years in private practice with Center Charlotte Psychotherapy.

When couples go through the divorce process, fear prevails. The primitive brain takes over, internal alarms go off, and problems escalate. The fight/flight/freeze response activates with no benefit in helping individuals to make endless decisions that come with this territory. The fight response runs up costs. Flight sets dreams for your future on hold. Freeze keeps you in a state of overwhelm.

Success in family health breeds from coherence within the family system. This process is fostered by engaged, responsive, attuned communication between partners. Getting these essentials right can disarm animosity and promote lifelong friendship. Guided, respectful conversations reduce stress. Acceptance grows. This attitude spills out and is absorbed by children. A child’s confidence grows when Mom and Dad use a Divorcing Team attitude. Children are best served when their energy is used to develop their personalities, skills, and friendships rather than for the deployment of defensive postures necessary to fend off marital tensions.

I help couples track the well worn negative cycles that have developed in their relationship. By addressing these patterns of communication as the common enemy rather than each other’s personality and limitations, the loaded strong emotions can be soothed. With blocks to healthier communication dismantled, distress dissolves. Both dramatic and mundane problems become more easy to resolve.

I know this territory well and can help you to move forward on a positive trajectory. My services offer you the help needed to develop the meaningful, fulfilled future you and your family deserve.

Private Coaching and Divorce Team Services to Families in Transition:

•        Divorce Coaching for Individuals

•        Outcome focused, problem solving, divorce team coaching process for couples

•        Co-parenting guidance, education

•        Re-marriage and Family Blending

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