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Susan K. Campbell

Susan K Campbell, Ph.D.

I am a licensed psychologist with over 25 years of experience working with individuals and communities to create positive change. After years of performing custody evaluations in litigated divorces, and observing the prolonged pain and lack of coordinated resolution inherent in this approach, I was thrilled to discover the process of collaborative divorce in 2006.

I especially enjoy serving as a Child Specialist, helping bring the children’s voices and needs to the conversation in a productive and non-threatening way, and helping parents ensure their children’s healthy social and emotional development. I also work directly with parents as a coach, and enjoy the team approach to crafting plans that encourage positive co-parenting. Areas of specialization in my clinical practice that inform my collaborative divorce work include the cognitive, social and emotional development of children, attachment and parenting, divorce adjustment, and child maltreatment.

I also enjoy and have experience working with young and middle-aged adults dealing with anxiety and depression, as well as normal adjustment challenges inherent in life cycle transitions. A lifelong advocate for children, I have served in leadership roles in advocacy organizations and on boards devoted to children’s rights, social justice and community well-being

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