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Steven B. Ockerman

Epperson Law, PLLC

I have practiced law since 1991. I began by prosecuting and defending service members in criminal cases. That taught me how to litigate. I also spent over half of my practice life representing adults, and children, in family law and other civil cases. That taught me that litigation is not always the solution. I made a commitment to this practice area in 2009 when I became a Board Certified Specialist in Family Law. Few areas of the law offer more potential for improving peoples lives, and improving their children’s lives, than the practice of family law. I have discovered that divorcing couples choosing the collaborative process often emerge healthier, happier and more financially intact. Their children certainly do better. If you think about it, that only makes sense.

I tailor my family law practice to the goal of achieving long-term, realistic solutions that limit potential problems, rather than make problems certain. The collaborative process may be for you, and if so, I can help you.

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