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Sandra Dopf Lee

Emerge Victorious

After her own divorce, Sandra began exploring alternatives to the adversarial and litigious divorce process in which she believes there are no winners. This lead to her life’s work as a divorce mediator and divorce coach and the founding of Emerge Victorious, LLC. Sandra has remained passionate about working with individuals, couples and families going through divorce to resolve their divorce issues in the least destructive path for themselves, their children and their future. She is equally passionate about working with people as they transform their lives after their divorce.

Sandra has been a member of the Collaborative Law professional group for more than 13 years now and has used her experience and expertise in helping clients and the professional team members to navigate a resolution for all parties.

As a divorce coach Sandra will help:
-identify the issues unique to your situation
-clarify your goals and work with you to create action steps to reach those goals
-work on effective communication skills as a divorcing party and in a co-parent relationship
-to be your “thinking” partner at times when you are paralyzed by divorce emotions
-to navigate the unknowns one step at a time
-tools to aide you as you work toward a new normal
-work with your attorney(s) and other neutrals on your team

As a mediator Sandra will help:
-you navigate the emotions and conflict present during the mediation sessions
-create a safe place to discuss your divorcing issues with a neutral third party
-craft a Parenting Plan that reflects the needs and desires you both wish to carry forward in your co-parenting relationship
-review and negotiate a Parenting Plan that is no longer effective or out-of-date due to ages of children, relocating or other circumstances

Mediation can be used to resolve many sorts of problems such as family conflicts, divorce and co-parenting issues. Mediation is a voluntary process that is non-binding until you have appropriate legal documents drafted and signed (which you will not do with the Memorandum of Understanding that Sandra provides). Sandra is a non-attorney and does not offer legal or financial advice. She strongly recommends you meet with the appropriate professionals for your legal and financial rights and guidance as well as having your attorney review your negotiation terms of the mediation and reducing them into your legal agreement.

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