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Nicole Sodoma

Sodoma Law, P.C.

By the time I realized I wanted to be an attorney, I was already a college graduate and working in sales. Unfulfilled and determined to figure out what was next, I called my mother and asked her which class I spoke of the most during my college years.  Without hesitation, she responded “mass media law”.  As a result of that conversation, I completed applications for law schools and left the city of Charleston four months later.

Arriving in Birmingham, Alabama, I tried to learn everything I could about the First Amendment and mass media.  Despite my efforts, I learned quickly my heart did not lie in mass media law but family law.

In hindsight, I have to believe that the events of my childhood led to this inevitable passion.  (I often joke with my family that my experience as a child of parents with “irreconcilable differences” predestined my career.)  In family law, I felt the advantage of understanding the experience of separation and divorce through the eyes of an adult and as a young girl.

When I moved to Charlotte in 2000, I searched for a law practice that would fit my unique personality. Through my search, I was given the opportunity to join a great firm and become a business attorney. In 2002, I officially began my family law practice.

In 2008, I realized that I could take my practice and ability to serve my client’s needs yet another step forward.  So, I opened the doors to Sodoma, Law, P.C. At Sodoma Law, P.C., each attorney and staff member believes not only in their ability to make a difference in a client’s life but also their ability to be supportive of a client’s emotional,  spiritual and physical well being.

I understand the tremendous emotional trauma that ultimately comes with separation and divorce.  I know that my clients are typically making one of the biggest decisions of their lives.  They each have somehow empowered themselves enough to make the journey to change what he or she has known…whether it was for one year or twenty years.  I understand it is not always hard for everyone, but I also understand that change affects us all, albeit in different ways.  I see it with my clients. I saw it with my own parents.

People ask me everyday if I like being a family law attorney.  My response is always the same:  I like being a family law attorney when everyone has common goals.  The goal of working towards resolution, the goal of working together to strike a balance, the goal of moving forward without risk to your children’s emotional and physical well being, and the goal of working with each client to assist them in the transition that divorce inevitably brings.  While I can never guarantee that any of these goals are met; I can guarantee that I will do my absolute best to understand your concerns as if they are my own.

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