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Mary V. Carrigan

Mary V. Carrigan, Attorney at Law

I am attorney Mary V. Carrigan, family law specialist certified by the North Carolina State Bar Board of Legal Specialization with almost 30 years of legal experience. My law firm focuses exclusively on helping men and women through their unique family law challenges. As a sole practitioner, I am able to provide reasonable fees and individualized attention in my aim to resolve my clients’ legal challenges in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Experienced Mecklenburg County Family Law Attorney

Predivorce Planning

At my law office, Mary V. Carrigan, Attorney at Law, I will work closely with you through predivorce planning to educate you about the law as it relates to your case, explore all potential solutions to your family law challenges and then develop a strategy to achieve your goals.

Working Toward Your Goals

I am a lawyer who looks to understand your top priorities in separation and divorce: Are you primarily concerned with child custody and visitation? Are you concerned with financial security after the separation?

I will put my full effort into reducing your expenses by pursuing alternatives to trial, when possible. I can help you come to terms during mediation and find creative solutions for settling matters through negotiation, but I am not afraid to take your case to trial if that is the best way to achieve your goals.

I focus on providing services in Mecklenburg County so that I am familiar with the judges in District Court and understand what they are looking for and can better advocate for your interests.

Schedule An Initial Consultation With Mary V. Carrigan, Attorney At Law

Contact my law office, Mary V. Carrigan, Attorney at Law, by calling 704-333-8855 to schedule a one-hour initial consultation at a flat fee of $100 with me, a Charlotte divorce attorney, to discuss how North Carolina family law applies to your particular situation.