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Lynna Moen

Moen Legal Counsel

Lynna Moen is the founding member of Moen Legal Counsel in Charlotte, North Carolina. She practices family and adoption law with a focus on helping her clients reach their long-term goals with dignity and control.

Separation and divorce are unsettling terms that bring thoughts of ugliness, stress, and fear. Most people want to find a solution that leaves both their children and their finances whole, regardless of why the family is transitioning.

Lynna practices in the Collaborative Family Law process because it allows her to use her expertise and intelligence to create controlled plans for the next chapter in her client’s lives. The Collaborative Practice allows for creativity, mutual respect and privacy, which are important factors that can be lost when litigating.

Lynna and her husband have two children, balance busy careers, and know what it’s like to have to constantly multi-task. This experience allows Lynna to build creative and pragmatic solutions for her clients that are unique and suited to their busy lives.

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