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Leigh Sellers

Touchstone Family Law

It seems that I have been a student of divorce my entire life. I experienced divorce as a child, I watched later as high school friends endured their parent’s divorces. As an adult, I listened while my adult friends and some close family members went though separations and divorces. I understand how the process of separation and divorce can consume and eat away at the lives of the participants. I also know that the decisions made by parents during their divorce have a tremendous effect on a child and can shape their relationships with their parents for the rest of their life. I worked as a staff attorney of the South Carolina Supreme Court after Law School. I have been a domestic attorney since 1993 when I entered private practice in Columbia South Carolina.  Collaborative Attorneys share a philosophy of assisting people though this process in a manner that leaves them intact as a person.

A court proceeding and hearings before a Judge can be unavoidable and necessary. I am trained and prepared to meet those challenges. However, I am trained and skilled in negotiating and resolving domestic cases without adversarial hearings. I am a trained Mediator who is certified by the North Carolina Bar. I also joined the Mecklenburg Collaborative Law Practice Group in 2003. I make it a point to work with you to determine the best method of resolving the specific issues that are relevant to your personal situation, in addition to assisting you resolve the matter in a manner that works for you. No attorney can guarantee you a particular result. Each case is as individual as the parties involved. But I can promise that I will listen to you, keep your interests at heart and respect you during this very difficult time.

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