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Jennifer Paternostro Moore

Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC

As the child of divorced parents, Jennifer has seen first-hand the stress the legal system can have on a family. She was fortunate in that her parents had a wonderful support system comprised of other family members and their respective attorneys, making the legal process smooth and manageable. More than ten years later, her family is a happy and loving blend of stepparents, stepchildren, new aunts and uncles, cousins and numerous grandchildren. It is this background that led Jennifer to law school, and specifically to the practice of Family Law. Jennifer attended the University of Florida with the aspiration of eventually attending law school, and fulfilled that dream at the University of South Carolina School of Law. While in school, Jennifer was able to gain experience in many different areas of law – however, none seemed to fit. It wasn’t until she moved to Charlotte that she was finally able to get her feet wet in the practice of Family Law. Jennifer found that her personal history bolstered her passion for Family Law and the compassion she feels towards all of our clients.

Jennifer is thrilled to have found an area of the law that allows her to help those going through a difficult period in their lives come out stronger and happier on the other side, just as her family did. Jennifer’s goal continues to be to dedicate her career to ensuring other families have a similar experience to her own. Jennifer consistently strives to be a strong support system and zealous advocate for those going through a complicated time by providing impeccable service and a sympathetic ear. Jennifer believes that with the right service and support, families can successfully navigate their legal matter and move forward in a positive manner.

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