Settling Anxiety and Fear

by: Ann Kreindler-Siegel | Website

How does a collaborative divorce coach settle anxiety and fear as you go through your divorce?

Anxiety and fear are the most common emotions experienced during the process of a divorce. Often these emotions are expressed as anger, or a feeling of helplessness, or overwhelm. Somatic experiencing is the easiest way to settle some of these feelings through the use of settling techniques that often help guide you through the current transition. The focus is on looking forward into the future when your life will be more settled.

Rebuilding your life, and maintaining your integrity, respect and family unit throughout a divorce are key to a smooth transition. A collaborative divorce coach focuses on couples maintaining an amicable relationship that focuses on their children as most important through this difficult time. Settling anxieties and fear are vital to creating a new life for yourself and your family.

Ann Kreindler-Siegel, LCSW, MSW, MAEd, SEP, BCC is a somatic experiencing psychotherapist & board certified coach who specializes in collaborative divorce coaching. She has been practicing in the profession of psychotherapy for over 25 years and has increased her practice to provide divorce coaching to couples to support them through this transition in their lives and families.