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Diane Willis

Wilshire Divorce

Diane M. Willis, CFP, CDFA, created Wilshire Divorce after 20+ years of assisting clients with their financial concerns in matters such as trust and probate issues, as well as wealth management.

She realized there was an under-served segment of the population who needed specific financial guidance during the divorce process. She added to her education by becoming a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst in 2003 and she joined forces with the collaborative divorce professionals in 2004.

With her blend of empathy, analytical skills and a strong financial background, Diane helps her clients make such crucial decisions as to whether to keep the marital home, and if not, how much home they could afford on their own. She puts a pencil to the value of retirement plans, calculates tax consequences of providing or receiving alimony, and helps put together reasonable budgets going forward.

When individuals have a clear picture of their financial future after divorce their fear of the financial unknown is vastly reduced, leaving them in a better position to negotiate clearly and effectively. Diane can provide that peace of mind impartially, while working with both clients; and as such she is an integral part of the collaborative team.

She is also Past President of the Financial Planning Association of Charlotte, a member of the North Carolina Association of Professional Family Mediators and she’s on the Stewardship Advisory Council to the Natural Resources Division of Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation with a focus on nature preserves. She has also completed her training in Family and Divorce Mediation.

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