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Kate Culligan

Kate Culligan, M.A., LMFT
Collaborative Consultant

Divorce need not be a tragedy. Many couples experience divorce with a measure of civility, stability, and grace. They work together with timely and effective professional consultation and support known as Collaborative Divorce – an interest-based process to resolve disputes with enhanced problem-solving and less conflict. For 25+ years I have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and for the last twelve years I have worked with more than a 100 families as a neutral Divorce Coach on Collaborative Divorce teams.

Collaborative Divorce is often the best option for spouses who desire privacy and control over family and financial decisions. As a seasoned professional, my role is varied depending on what you and your family need. From initially identifying your specific goals to negotiating an acceptable agreement, I partner with each of you as a neutral professional. As we go step-by-step I act as your sounding board, strategizing on how best to explain your goals to your spouse, asking you pertinent questions to help refine your thinking and assisting you to identify and discuss your preferences during the important negotiation process.

My key goal is to help you maintain your equilibrium in order to establish an effective working relationship with your spouse and the team. When facilitating the meetings, I focus on maintaining civility and balancing communication between you and your spouse. Both of you need to be heard and your viewpoints understood. When we work together as a team you can face the inevitable challenges along the way and solve financial and children’s issues far more effectively. For those families with children I collaborate closely with both of you to establish an effective, flexible parenting plan that meets your children’s needs and allows for effective co-parenting, the key to your children’s emotional stability.

Separate from the Collaborative Divorce aspect of my private practice, I offer psychoeducational Divorce Support Groups and also provide psychotherapy to individuals and couples with a variety of issues.

If you would like to meet me to have a discussion about Collaborative Divorce and my role as a Divorce Coach, please feel free to email me or contact me at 704-246-5775. I would welcome hearing from you to answer any questions you may have.

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