Child Specialists

Child Specialists Your child specialist assists the team in addressing the children’s needs, as they experience the restructuring of your family. These services may be appropriate for some or all of your children, depending on the circumstances of your case. The goal of the child specialist is to enable the children, who are also negotiating [...]   Continue Reading

Collaborative Divorce Coaches

Collaborative Divorce Coaches Your divorce coach will focus on guiding you through the anxiety and anger often associated with a divorce and will also help you to look forward so that you can each rebuild your life. The goal is to allow each of you to have a place to express your feelings and desires [...]   Continue Reading

Financial Advisors

Financial Neutrals The Financial Neutral in a collaborative law case is typically a seasoned financial professional with CDFA™ (Certified Divorce Financial Advisor) and CFP® designations (Certified Financial Planner) and focused financial planning experience. In addition, he/she has achieved a high standard of collaborative law-specific training. The Financial Neutral is an unbiased financial expert working on [...]   Continue Reading

About Us

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Divorce Attorneys

Divorce Attorneys Your collaborative  attorney assists you in resolving your family law issues by working with you and your collaborative law team while remaining as your advocate.  In addition to their years of experience as divorce attorneys, all attorney members of the Charlotte Collaborative Divorce Professionals have received additional training in the Collaborative Law Process.  In this role, [...]   Continue Reading

CLT Collaborative Divorce Professionals

Collaborative Divorce Collaborative Divorce is an alternative to traditional divorce litigation, which can be costly, adversarial, and prolonged.  Key elements of collaborative divorce include: the ability to reach creative solutions which preserve the best interests of yourself and each member of your family; a commitment on the part of you, your spouse, and your attorneys [...]   Continue Reading