7810 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy | Suite 300
Charlotte NC 28277

Annamarie Joseph

Divorce Financial Planning
  • Certified Financial Planner® certificant in good standing
  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ in good standing
  • Certifications and affiliations: Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™, Certified Financial Planner®, Certified Fraud Examiners – Associate Member, Mecklenburg County Collaborative Law Group – Financial Member.
  • Divorce Financial Planning – Proprietor, Charlotte, North Carolina. I have worked with hundreds of divorcing or separating clients. A majority of these clients required: Developing the Affidavit of Financial Standing from “source” documents, developing the Equitable Distribution Affidavit from “source documents”, developing the marital asset spreadsheet from “source” documents, grossed up alimony calculations, guideline or “out of guideline” child support calculations, identifying separate property vs. marital property, valuing and dividing marital property, tax effecting retirement assets and/or income, calculating to sell or not sell the marital residence.

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