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What is The Role of a Collaborative Divorce Coach?

by: Ann Kreindler-Siegel | Website The services of a collaborative divorce coach are often engaged to assist individuals, or couples, going through this difficult transition. A divorce coach can often help guide couples through the difficult negotiations of a settlement, while simultaneously addressing the emotions involved in the process. It is totally normal for there [...]   Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Add a Collaborative Divorce Coach to Your Team

by: Ann Kreindler-Siegel | Website A collaborative divorce coach can provide many different services during the divorce process. Here are three primary roles if you engage the services of a coach: 1) Help negotiate agreements: If your meetings are engaged as a couple with one coach, the role of the coach is to assist in [...]   Continue Reading

Settling Anxiety and Fear

by: Ann Kreindler-Siegel | Website How does a collaborative divorce coach settle anxiety and fear as you go through your divorce? Anxiety and fear are the most common emotions experienced during the process of a divorce. Often these emotions are expressed as anger, or a feeling of helplessness, or overwhelm. Somatic experiencing is the easiest [...]   Continue Reading