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The Collaborative Divorce Process

by: Irene King | Website The Collaborative Divorce Process is worth considering if some or all of these are true for you: You want a respectful resolution of the issues that have led to the end of your marriage. You have children and you desire to have the best co-parenting relationship possible. You value self-determination [...]   Continue Reading

Getting Started

by: Irene King | Website Getting Started in the Collaborative Divorce Process Collaborative Divorce takes threats, hide-the ball tactics and court room battles off the table. It gives divorcing couples the choice to participate in a private, confidential process geared towards collective problem-solving. In a collaborative divorce, a team of professionals guides the couple through [...]   Continue Reading

The Magic of the Collaborative Divorce

by: Irene King | Website The Magic of the Collaborative Divorce Process- Why Should Court Be off the Table? Remember the game of tug of war? We muster all the strength to pull in opposite directions, everybody gets muddy and we all fall down. It’s a game of strength, not endurance. The magic of the [...]   Continue Reading

What is Collaborative Divorce?

by: Irene King | Website Why Choose the Collaborative Divorce Process? When court proceedings and the threat of court are removed from the settlement process, the creativity, range and durability of settlement options greatly expands. Most attorneys have had the experience of settling cases on the courtroom steps, or even after a trial has started. [...]   Continue Reading