Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is an alternative to traditional divorce litigation, which can be costly, adversarial, and prolonged.  Key elements of collaborative divorce include: the ability to reach creative solutions which preserve the best interests of yourself and each member of your family; a commitment on the part of you, your spouse, and your attorneys to reach resolution without the need for litigation; a team approach involving trained professionals engaging in a process that is truly customized to meet the needs of your family;  a process based on the premise that at all times, all involved will be respectful of one another, and forthcoming with the information necessary for the process to move forward.

Our Professionals

Charlotte Collaborative Divorce Professionals work in teams and are trained to assist you with the legal, emotional and financial aspects of your divorce.  A collaborative team may include attorneys, divorce coaches, child specialists and financial neutrals.
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What Is Collaborative Divorce

When court proceedings and the threat of court are removed from the settlement process, the creativity, range and durability of settlement options greatly expands.

Getting Started

Collaborative Divorce takes threats, hide-the-ball tactics and court room battles off the table. It gives divorcing couples the choice to participate in a private, confidential process geared towards collective problem-solving.

The Collaborative Divorce Coach

The services of a collaborative divorce coach are often engaged to assist individuals, or couples, going through this difficult transition.